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Frome Triathlon Club – Committee Meeting 15th November 2019 at The Three Swans Frome.



Joanne Ayrton Adrian Roddis Chrissy Penny Natalie George Kirsty Cary Nigel Lewis John Moloney Oli Johnson Katie Sanders Meredith Buley


Ben Hansell and Nick Cramp

John Moloney (Chairman) started with an introduction as to the roles of the committee and their responsibilities.

Chairman – John Moloney

Secretary – Joanne Ayrton

Website Co-ordinator – Adrian Roddis

Membership/Kit – Chrissy Penny

Coach Co-ordinator – Natalie George

Events reporter/social media Kirsty Cary and Ben Hansell

Triathlon Organiser – Nigel Lewis

Juniors Co-ordinator – Oli Johnson

Events Co-ordinator – Katie Sanders

Social Co-ordinator – Meredith Buley


New BTF Software

It was agreed that we would continue to progress with the BTF software and a meeting would be arrange with Adrian and John with the regional coordinator to move things forward.

Executive Committee

It was discussed whether we have a separate Executive Committee with the Chairman Secretary and Treasurer say quarterly as well and the monthly meetings.

It was decided that this was not necessary but maybe discuss certain members to report say quarterly on various topics ie. Treasurers Report and it was thought that this might not be necessary every month.

The monthly meetings were to be more structured being the third Friday of each month so everyone knows when.


Survey Monkey

Actions – Natalie was to send out a Survey to all members to see what the members wanted in the way of training.


Chrissy provided a sample of the Junior Tri suits. There was a discussion as to whether they could be made small enough.

It was agreed that we would look at providing 8 in sleeveless and short sleeves. Sponsorship by ~Dennis Maps and Astutum.

We would look to rent the suits out for the season.

If there was enough money would look into hoodies.

Action – Oli would liaise with Chrissy over numbers and sizes.

Adult Kit

Action – Chrissy was to look into seeing whether Godfreys could provide the adult club swimwear.

It was discussed following the AGM at giving all members a new running vest. Chrissy had looked into this at a cost of £727. It was also mentioned whether we give the members a choice of a voucher or the vest.

Action – A pole was to be put to the members to see what they would like.


93 active members

1 trial

4 social

48 Associate

25 Full monthly

13 Full annually

2 youths

Renewals were coming out and Chrissy would talk to John and Adrian to sort things.

Coaching sessions

Action – Natalie would cancel the Wednesday evening swim and run with the Wednesday morning swim as this was attracting more people.

Action – Natalie was to sort out setting up Turbo sessions during January and February on a Sunday morning while the weather was not so good. Coaches to perhaps run a rota basis for coaching the class.

Odd Down was likely to start in March/April.

Discussion was made on Level 1 and Level 2 coaches and how many members they could coach. Natalie would take this back to the coaches to discuss and look at the rules.

Events – Katie Saunders

Action – Katie would be looking at various events and see whether we could get discounts on group bookings. She also discussed setting up an Interclub tri tournament between local clubs and their local events and she would look into this.

1 Mile – Rachel Clark

It would nice to see some of Frome Tri to run with Rachel for the last of her 365 miles on New Year’s Eve.

Socials – Merry

Merry explained what she had planned for this coming year and it was agreed we would try and encourage more members to attend. She was arranging external social events and well as meetings at the Three Swans.

Trialthlon –Nigel

Nigel was getting ready to go live on the Triathlon which was to take place in August next year. It was discussed that it might be good for Nigel to have Vice Chairman to help him this year so that he can hand the roles over next year.

Next Meeting to be held on 17th January 2020