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Invited:John Moloney, Andy Poole, Adrian Roddis, Katie Sanders, Nigel Lewis, Karen John, Chrissy Cornish , Jayne Lewis

Apologises: Helen McCulloch, Nick Cramp, Paul Ryman, Meredith Buley,



  • All socials will be added to the website hoping forward to give people plenty of notice
  • It was agreed that 2019 would be a year of consolidation for the FTC committee and club. This will include an August review of the club financial position and membership plans, ensuring that we can create 2020 membership and coaching plans well ahead of the November AGM.
  • It was agreed that the FTC Committee would fully engage with the planning of, and running of the 2019 FTC Triathlon.
  • FTC will partner with Fusion to support the “Go Tri” initiative. We will start with the Juniors to test our approach. John will lead this trial.
  • Frome Triathlon 2019:
    • Venues have been booked and Entry Central is up and running
    • Early Bird entry available until end April
    • Time is Precious confirmed as event charity
  • Coaches are accountable for checking if members attending sessions have booked on and paid. Members are reminded that they will not be allowed to train if they do not have a current membership and are booked onto the session.
  • Andy agreed that he would arrange for coaches to be available to support the April social.
  • The Committee voted to support the Cotswold Relays on 1stSeptember
  • Andy confirmed that the Summer Coaching plan will be the same format as 2018, as described at the AGM. However he is trying to arrange a meeting with Richard Smith to confirm session timings
  • Andy confirmed that all coaches have been made aware that they must operate within the BTF Code of Conduct. For BTF Level 2 Coaches this includes coaching a minimum of 3 members at any one time. All sessions must have a Risk Assessment and Emergency Action Plan in place.
  • Future Committee meetings will be:
    • 3rdWednesday of the month until May – venue tbc
    • 3rdThursday of the month from June – at Vobster Inn




  • All Committee members have been asked to nominate their goals for 2019, to be reviewed and agreed at the April meeting.
  • FTC Triathlon 2019:
    • Activate FTC Website to show all 2019 FTC Triathlon details – John
    • Email all 2018 entrants re. 2019 event – Nigel
    • Identify who is admin for open FTC FB page to update all details – John/Karen
    • Plan swim and bike orientations and information evening – Andy/Nigel
    • Confirm Safety Officer and Sponsorship roles – Nigel
    • Create press releases – Karen
  • Update Committee Member’s details of FTC website – Adrian
  • Remove “Renew Membership” option from website – Adrian
  • A list of members names to be issued to Cycology (without any personal details to comply with GDPR) to enable them to apply 10% discount to all member purchases – Chrissy
  • Confirm available kit budget to Chrissy – Nick
  • Order coach t-shirts for Natalie and Julie (from Coach’s budget)- Chrissy
  • Update minutes on website – Jayne
  • Create a list of FTC subsidised and targeted events - Katie
  • Confirm details of Longleat budget costs to Katie – Nick
  • Chase BTF re. Trimark progress – Jayne
  • Communication to members re.opportunity for committee roles – Jayne