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Frome Triathlon Club – Committee Meeting 18th January
The Three Swans, 7:30

Invited: John Moloney, Andy Poole, Adrian Roddis, Meredith Buley, Katie Sanders, Nigel Lewis, Karen John, Chrissy Cornish
Apologises: Helen McCulloch, Nick Cramp, Paul Ryman

• We will retain Social Membership as a membership plan

• Kit ordering window will be open 15/2-10/3, delivery approx 19/4

• Renewing members will receive a renewal gift, details tbc

• Targeted club events (with negotiated discount) booked through website
o Longleat 10k - 3/2/19
o Big T triathlon - 6/5/19
o Immortal Sprint - 11/5/19
o Tribal Aquathlons – starting 12/6/19
o Frome Half (poss bbq after as a club) - 21/7/19
o Cotswold Relays (properly subsidised by the club) - 1/9/19
o Midsummer Norton Tri - tbc

• Frome Triathlon:
o Max entry of 350, plus 50 Tristars
o Early Bird discounts 10% until end February
o Club discount 20% if min 5 people. Valid until end June.
o First Aid provider to be confirmed
o Marshals: club members to be able to race and marshal

• Coaching session numbers to be set to the following maximums:
o Mon swim – 28
o Tue run – 28
o Wed swim - 24
o Thu spin - 22
o Sat swim – 24

• Add Social Membership as an option to the website – John

• John to work with Chrissy and the coaches to enable them to manage changes to the website – John

• Refund any paypal payments that have gone through in error – John

• Membership – Communication to be sent to members via email with the following instructions: – Chrissy to write/John to distribute
o All members to cancel 2018 membership and recurring PayPal payments
o Membership plans and fees outlined again
o Actions for each type of member explained to renew 2019 membership plan

• Circulate 2019 budgets to the Committee – Nick

• Share the social events with Adrian to upload to the website – Meredith & Adrian

• Test member results uploading to ensure Karen is able to access and publicise – John & Karen

• Frome Tri:
o Book Frome College field – Nigel
o Complete risk assessments – Nigel
o Create new event with the BTF – Nigel
o Advertise event – Nigel
o Secure upper college field for parking – Chrissy
o Look at the option to reciprocate marshalling with other local sports clubs, e.g. rugby 7s – Nigel

• Issue a deadline to coaches to complete their safeguarding courses and DBS checks –Jayne

• Coaches to check attendance at each of their sessions and notify the coaching coordinator if they require additional coaching cover –Andy

• EAPs and RAs to be reviewed to ensure they are still compliant –Andy

• Invite all of Committee members to Dropbox –Nick

• Discuss opportunity to partner Juniors with Hot Chilli –John