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Present: Paul Ryman, John Moloney, Chrissy Cornish, Andy Poole and Nick Cramp

Apologises: Jayne Lewis


  1. Chairman’s Update
  • Session Credit for Coaches proposal – This was discussed but no agreement was reached, this will be reviewed again at the next meeting.
  • Collaboration with other club’s proposal– JM proposed other club members should be able to access our sessions and vice versa. Concerns were raised over potential over crowding, FTC members losing out, and loss of club identity. It was agreed that joint sessions at neutral venues were a great initiative and should be expanded but the original proposal was rejected
  • Subsidising events– The proposal to offer a subsidy to Salisbury ½ was discussed, and it was agreed that it was better to use club funds to subsidise an end of year Tri instead. This was discussed further and agreement was reached to subsidise the Cotswold relays so club members only had to pay £5 entry fee. It was agreed to have the draw at a social event in July.

Paul to action and promote this event.

  • Welfare officer was still need

John to action

  • Junior m’ship – This was discussed and 2/3rdfees were agreed for 15-19 yr olds. All coaches to complete DBS forms before this would be publicised.

Paul to ask all coaches to complete DBS forms

  • Decisions on funding new coaches –this was discussed and agreed that no decision could be taken until we knew the financial position of the club after the Frome Triathlon


(2) Treasures Update

  • Club Accounts currently healthy. £3600 surplus across all accounts once Frome Triathlon costs are accounted for
  • Update projections given for Frome Triathlon (attached), which shows we are well ahead of previous years at this point as regards entries and income, but also noted there were more costs than previous. Just about at breakeven point currently.
  • It was agreed a full update on the Triathlon from CC would be needed at the next meeting
  • NC was reminded we still need to get a Voluntary Club Declaration completed so that we can lower PayPal transaction fees.

NC to action


(3) Membership Update

  • Chrissy has taken over from Holly but no handover has been completed yet
  • There were a few issues on website at the moment with expiry dates but JM was confident these could be quickly resolved.
  • No update on members survey was received
  • No update on membership no.s was given.

Chrissy to pick up both of these for the next meeting


(4) Coaching Update

  • Back to basic sessions on Monday working well
  • Run sessions on Tuesday now established and increasing in no.s
  • Odd Down sessions well attended
  • Vobster sessions – A discussion took place on regarding safety and the no.s of coaches in attendance. Although FTC was following Tribal /Vobster guidelines JM suggested these weren’t aligned with BTF guidelines. After much discussion it was agreed to fund another coach for the remaining sessions so that all new members could be adequately catered for and safety risks would be reduced

Paul to Action


(5)Website Update

  • It was agreed the site was working well generally
  • We currently use Commercial ‘paid for’ software, albeit low cost. It is a little quirky and there are some issues (not visible to the members) that could be fixed, as the support is very good. (Ongoing issues on complex websites is pretty normal.) 
  • Currently the website is built and maintained by John, who has done a great job in creating the club site. The Committee did acknowledge some concern that John retains the knowledge about the site, and we have struggled to recruit a Website Coordinator to the Committee in the past. It was proposed and that club budgets each month for external support to manage the site and assist with the development.This will be discussed again at the next meeting as no conclusion was reached

 (6) Tristars

  • JM & AP gave a verbal update on the progress to date
  • Nos were increasing and kids were returning
  • Suggestions were floated about Kit which Chrissy is sourcing
  • It was agreed that we would complete the trail period before making an decisions about the future viability
  • JM to provide NC with the finances so far JM to action


(7) Next Committee Meeting

  • This will be a full Management Committee meeting, to include CC to provide a Frome Triathlon update
  • 7pm,.Thursday 26th July, Vobster Inn