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Frome Triathlon Club – Committee Meeting 17th January 2020 at The Three Swans Frome.



Nick Cramp Joanne Ayrton Adrian Roddis Chrissy Penny Natalie George Kirsty Cary Katie Sanders Meredith Buley Ben Hansell


Oli Johnson Nigel Lewis

Chairman Role

Kirsty had called and enquired with BTF to see if we could run the committee without a Chairman. It transpired that we did have to have a chairman.

Action – It was decided that Jo would send out an email to all members to see if there was any members that wanted to stand as chairman. This would be discussed at the next meeting. If nobody was interest then we would look to appoint from the present committee.

Update on membership renewal procedure/update on new members

Chrissy stated that the renew process had not gone according to plan. John Moloney was now back from holiday and Adrian would ask him to take a look at it and hopefully get it sorted. Associate membership seemed to be working fine for renewals but it was the Full monthly and yearly that wasn’t. Hopefully by the next meeting will all be resolved and the renewals will be coming in.

Numbers   5 on a Trial

51 Associated members

25 Full members

12 Full annual members

2 youths


John Moloney no longer wanted to run the Juniors and Oli Johnson could not run it on its own. Need to look at what venues had been booked and to find out whether these sessions would still run otherwise the bookings needed to be cancelled. It was discussed whether we could look at merging some of the sessions with Hot Chilli’s or Richard Smith’s sessions and share the coaches. It might work for both our juniors and Hot Chilli’s as the Trowbridge Pool looked to be closed until the summer.

The parents needed to be updated on the situation.

Was the £750 still going to be towards the Tri suits or are we to return the funds back to Denis Maps?

Action – Nick would speak with Denis Maps

Action – Nick would contact Oli to see what the future holds and to see whether we could share sessions with other clubs or whether the juniors are to continue.

Hot Chilli Tri Club

In view of the closure of Trowbridge Pool there was to be no Big T this year. They are looking to run a Dualthon. A discount code had been offered and it was agreed that the club would also offer a further discount. It was agreed that the Club should support the Dualthon.

Action – Katie would put this up on the website.

Stonehenge Tri - This is 2 weeks later and they are struggling with numbers as they were last year. Again it was agreed that we would try and get the club behind this.

It was also agreed that we would also try and support the Weymouth Middle Distance too.

Sponsorship marketing for the Club Tri.

Nigel asked us to discuss this at the meeting as he was unable to attend.

It was discussed that perhaps we give out Dap Bags this year similar to the ones given to the juniors.

It was discuss that we try and have few larger sponsors that pay more. Smaller sponsors to go in the brochure and support the event.

Perhaps Denis Maps would be happy for the £750 to go towards sponsorship for the race?

Coach Co-ordinator report

Natalie had the results of the Survey that was carried out and what the members wanted. The members wanted Turbo sessions which had now been set up and which will run until the end of February. Christian was currently teaching the sessions. To make the sessions viable then they really needed 10 people attending.

Yoga was also asked for in the survey and this was being looked into perhaps at Paul’s studio. The costs had to be looked into and whether there was room for further sessions as there were more than 5 sessions being run.

Coach to athlete ratio – This had been raised by Paul as sessions had too many athletes to coach. They would look to possibly perhaps offer coaches to be paid for further sessions to help out if Level 1 coaches were not available.

We needed to make sure Halls were being cancelled when sessions were not running.

Structured sessions - The coaches were looking at more structured sessions and the coaches will be looking at designing sessions on a rolling 4 week programme.

Old Down – looking to run this from April to August. Two Sundays per month 1st a Dualthon with 2nd being a coached session. These will be run with Hot Chilli’s and Bath Amphibians.

Point raised at the Social – Youths have to be 16 to train with the adults.

Socials – Meredith had organised the next social at The Royal Oak Corsley to play skittles. The next one will be bike maintenance following by a coach led meeting.

Next Meeting Wednesday 19th February 2020.